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  2. Standard Rate

Standard Rate

Price list  ※Consumption tax included, service charge included

  • ■Check In:4 PM

    ■Check Out:10 am

    ■Children (3 and older elementary school students and under) the accommodation fee will be 70% of the above fee.

    ■For infants under 3 years old, if bedding is used alone, 1,500 yen per night will be separately charged.

    ■Saturday, Sunday, holiday, the day before the holiday will be a surcharge.

    ■In the following period, the room charge will be 50% higher than the above price.
     April 28th to May 8th·August 10 to August 17·December 28th to January 6th

    <Facility side>
     The whole building is no smoking from August,
     Because we have installed the photocatalytic air purifier and air purifier in every room so that you can rest assured that smell of cigarette is not good, you can stay with the sense of non smoking room.

    ■Room amenities
     We are preparing new slippers that you can take out.
     If you write a name and a mark on the slippers as we also have magic, you do not have to worry that the slippers will be replaced at a large public bath.
     We also have different colors such as toothbrush so we do not have to worry about swapping with people who stay with us.
     We are preparing a working clothing for work wearing in the interior.

    ■Banquet rooms
     There is a conference room (charged).
     We also rent equipment such as projectors for free.

    ■Banquet Hall
     For meals, banquets 2 people can use it free of charge.(Up to 80 people)

     There is no coin laundry in the facility, but there is a coin laundry at a distance of 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.

    ■Internet connection
     There is no personal computer, but we wire the wired LAN cable.

    ■Bathing before check-in / check-out
     Basically we can not, but people using boat fishing are available.
     Observation bath, day is from 16.00 to 23.00, the next day is 6.00 to 9.00.

    ■Bath time of the public bath
     Bathroom using ion water is called "morning" from 6:00 to 9:00【Night】We open from 16:00 to 23:00.

    ■About use of children with children
     You can sleep along with your child.
     There is a yukata (for a child) for children.
     There is also a meal for children.
     Guests with babies can eat breakfast as well as eat as safe to dine.

    ■A convenience store nearby
     It is 15 minutes on foot.
     There is also a supermarket at a distance of 3 minutes on foot.
     Bicycles for rent are also available for free, so please use them.
     Drinks vending machines are located in the facility.

    ■About payment method
     Credit cards are Diners JCB, American Express, Diners, Visa others.
     Debit Card are also available.

    ■About foreign currency
     We do not handle it.

    ■Use ion water
     ·It is said that one theory has the effect of healing for atopy and cancer but the truth is ...What?
     ·The hotel is using the whole building ion water, but we use it for comfort rather than health.
     ·Gohan actually cooked with ionized water is plump and the drink becomes mild.If you immerse yourself in the bath, it will warm up to the core of your body and your hair will be fluffy and finished.
     ·The applicant is experiencing such unknown power of such ion water.
     The experiment method is as follows.
    (1) Place ion water in a plastic bottle
    (2) Turn the plastic bottle upside down and pour salt in the Kubomi part
    (3) I will leave it for a while (about several minutes)
    (4) Compare the salt and the salt as it is in a plastic bottle.
     Then···Please try at the hotel from here.
     If you are interested in experimenting, please tell us at the hotel front desk.Of course it is free.